Box Logic Remediation Project

Interfacing in Education

For my Box Logic Remediation Project, I chose to do an iMovie that presents a fundamental, scholarly review of interface in classroom discussion. It gives an overview of why both electronic discussion boards and more traditional classroom discussions are beneficial in the classroom.

I chose to use iMovie to create this video because it is a program that I call upon my students to use in projects a lot, but I am not well-versed in using myself. Because I do not find iMovie intuitive, I’ve often shied away from practicing with it.

I learned some other important tidbits along the way. Namely, I discovered Pixabay, which made the process of adding images so easy, and it’s free! I had a little trouble with the close captions, again, with this project, but I eventually figured it out. YouTube kept uploading them in Dutch!

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a life-long learner trying something new

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