Beginning to fill the box

Box Logic Notes #2 Interface-Is the goal transparency or hypermedia? Rokeby (1995) is clearly adopting a modernist aesthetic when he writes that “while engineers strive to maintain the illusion of transparency in the design and refinement of media technologies, artists explore the meaning of the interface itself, using various transformations of the media as their […]

An emotional journey with interactivity

Step 1- Frustration “the supposed interactivity of the digital age is a myth because new media technologies are often no more interactive than their analogue counterparts” (Gane and Beer 90). I definitely went on a journey with this activity. I found myself feeling really frustrated trying to understand Wireframe from this tutorial. Ironically, I found […]

Opening the Box…

Box Logic Notes #1 Where I started this week… with a surprise. “Indeed, the term interface can be used to conceptualize engagements with all communications media–whether ‘old’ or ‘new.’” (Gane and Beer 55). “Old” or “New”? Which is better? This image “Shelved” got me started this week thinking about how we interface with information. I […]

The Medium is the Message… Where to start?

I know… let’s code? First… This chapter 3rd chapter from Nicholas Gane and David Beer’s New Media, titled “Information” certainly had me for a loop as I started my reading this week. Trying to unpack the connection between Claude Shannon’s five main components of information systems: “the information source, the transmitter, the channel, the receiver and the […]

Networking 101

AM’s technology usage on Friday, 2/1 My Map The above map represents my use of technology on an average Friday. I chose to create my map with an emphasis on purpose.  Each thread, as is indicated by the text (lessons/teaching, bookkeeping, planning, communication, etc.) represents the task I was doing or the purpose for my […]

Box Logic and Cornell Boxes in a High School Composition Course

Inspiration Influenced by my recent study of Geoffrey Sirc’s chapter “Box-Logic” from Writing New Media: Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition, I was inspired to think about how I could use some of his ideas in my high school composition courses to help my students think about how they think about writing.  […]

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