Access to multimodal texts in the Smithsonian Learning Lab

ENGL 621 Technology and Literacy-Final Presentation While some may argue that the Smithsonian Learning Lab is a database rather than an individual text, I feel this site is appropriate for our purposes in 621 as it is a collection of many different types of texts. Because it allows access to remediated versions of artworks, alphabetic […]

The Importance of Images for textual understanding

Thus the visual presentation of a text was considered, at least by the learned, to be a part of its meaning, not limited to the illustrations of its themes or subjects but necessary to its proper reading, its ability-to be significant and memorable (Carruthers 224) . This week I began my journey through my summer […]

Inside the box: exploring the purpose of remediation

Box Logic Notes #3 Why do we remediate interface? “In fully immersive virtual reality, the whole interface is an expression of this freedom to move” (Bolter and Grusin 243-244). This week, I began to really delve into why certain interfaces continue to evolve. Why do we really feel the need to have that immediacy in […]

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